Release Date September 26, 2014
Length 18:03
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Episode 1
Game Neverending Nightmares
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"Markiplier is SICK... AGAIN!!"

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YOU CAN NEVER ESCAPE is the 1st episode of Neverending Nightmares played by Markiplier.


DO NOT miss out on Neverending Nightmares! This is a TERRIFYING horror game that's also AWESOME!!


Full transcript
Hello everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome to Neverending Nightmares an intensely interesting terrifying indie horror game. How do I know this? Well I actually played this game about a year ago when it first came out as a demo and everyone say hi to this little girl if you remember the video that I made.
Girl gets stabbed and Thomas wakes up.
Ok and bad stuff happens in this game and I apologize for that, I am still very sick. I have a double ear infection and I am hopped up on every single medicine you can pisa...pos…possibly imagine but I'm gonna tough my way through this game is deserving of some honest to goodest good playthroughness and I hope to deliver on that promos because when I first played this game, it stroke me as interesting because there's a lot of themes in the game that take a lot of detail to notice because you are amassed in this art style that you see right in front of you. It's very monotone, it's…uh…similar line style and basically the entire game is based on this style and the world this guy imagines in his nightmares and it's very interesting when you start to think about how this world actually is in comparison to everything he understands.
Painting on the wall falls down and interrupts Markiplier.
That's where I wanted that painting on the ground. Much better than…
Mark looks at painting with a family staring at him.
Hi hehe…Hello everybody how are you doing. Are you that little girl that got stabbed? Are you all judging me because I'm probably the one that did the stabbing? Ok I'm gonna go…and, yup your still staring at me. I'm just gonna leave now. Alright anyway, the mono…uh…I can't big words right now, but the style in this game kind've masks something about the presence…uh…it kind've works for it and…
Mark looks at another painting.
Do you have glasses drawn on your face or are those real? I can't even tell. Either way some artistic douchebag doing something I don't know, but you'll notice that some things are in color and most everything is not in color because that points out what is important and what is not like this. Now for a second their I thought…
Stares at Book.
I can't read that! That's all in the original Italian-Latin. Is there anything in here that is important for me to remeber because I don't know what's going on. Ok so I'm gonna move on now. Also might I mention (swallow) the absolute BEST place to put a lit candle, right by the books just incase you need some midnight reading going on here.(cough) Oh Boy. So either way, this game struck me as a very interesting and unique take on horror and I always like when it brings something new to the table. Now a sort've adventure style game.
Marks stares at the wallpaper.
When did the wallpaper become skulls? I don't remeber putting that up so y...(staring at shadow) Hi there. Hello friend how are you doing. Oh just standing in there wardrobe. You taking (shadow dissapears) OK I guess I'm not going to Narnia. What's really interesting is that I noticed and last time I played this about a year ag, I actually reviewed the video I played a year ago to familerize myself with it. God I sounded very strange a year ago and I don't quite know what is new and what is old in the game anymore> i remember playing through this beginning area and I saw a lot of the somethings I saw before...
Bird rams into and hits the window.
Ok, I was turning around because I missed something I thought out of the corner of my eye because I'm trying to look at you guys. Either way, I'm gonna stop blabbering here soon enough. Escuse? Wait a minute, woah, I'm hearing noises and I don't like hearing the noises. Ok, OH it should be noted that all blood is VERY red in this game. You'll notice when there's blood. Ok. I'm pretty sure. I mean at thr beginning of this game must've been straight off the demo or it's not. I mean just as an idea to familerize yourself (looks at shadow) that's my shadow. They're nothing to worry about.
Cup falls off the table
I…I wanted to break that anyway. Very angry. Oh good. I don't recognize any of this. (staring at grinder) OK, oh yeah yeah that's new. Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew! Super EW. Ahh it's everywhere, what is going on here.I have no god danm idea. Again the wallpaper is still skulls. Not too sure what that means for me. Ok this is not what I wanted. I did not want this to turn into darkwood. I don't remeber going outside and there's a butthole tree overthere. This is a bad sign. Ok, ok, OK. So we're going into the woods of prodhatching. A...uhh that's a hand. That's a tree of hands, don't grab me. Ok then. Hehehehe I didn't expect this to go so weirc yet. Oh good for me, going into the cemetary of all places. WHY NOT?!. Why Not? Because when someone has a nightmare...(looking into the background) What's that in the darkness there uhh. I see somethingm Can't tell me I don't I see something over there. Alright, Ohh ohh it's the beautiful lady.
Gabby No!
Thomas wakes up
What? Hi!
Your still sleeping?
You promised we'd meet for breakfast..
Are you ok? You look upset.
Oh! I'm sorry, I just had a terrible nightmare.
I dreamt you were dead.
(giggles) That's silly, I'm fine. Besides, you promised wou'd always take care of your little sister.
I don't think she's fine.
I promised that since we were kids.
It's still true isn't it?
Why don't you try to go back to sleep.
No No No!
I'll wait outside.
Aren't we supposed to be getting breakfast? Wait a minute that's a bad idea. I'm not gonna sleep. Wait a minute, something aint right here! No No No there' still weird whispering in my ears. Where are you going lady? There's still a lot of skulls and vultures going on here. I don't much care for it. I don't think any of that was real-Ok there we go. Thats good. The Blood of-Ohhh. Those are my teeth aren't they.