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Hi, I'm Amonimus! (not Anonimus or even Anonymous!)
I'm a big Markiplier fan, but since he got his 5M subs but don't have a proper website. So, I found this place and it was... decrepit. So I decided to give it make-up and upgrade to full Markipler Encyclopedia. This is totaly insane project but I hope, if start to do it now, people will gather here, and work will go faster and faster. I'm working slow on transcriptions, because I'm lazy/busy and trying be very accurate, because I'm not super-professional on English. Working at PC, laptop and phone, if I can, doing other important work, always feeling sick, so the quality and amount of work very varies.


SuperQuality article guide

  • accuracy check, all links are correct, corect video order, no dead links
  • fully filled template, where possilbe
  • summary, semi-detailed explanation of what is happening
  • transcript, correct transcript table
  • categories, all categories are in the full article edit page or the template, featuring guests
  • trivia, list of trivia, connection to other episode, stuff of reference, memes


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