Alias(es) Triggerhappy1337, DaRandomGamers, EvolvX
Gender Male
Born Alex Hermansson
Occupation Video game commentator
Years active 2012-present
Internet information
Channel EvolvX
Twitter N/A
Facebook Alex Hermansson
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Triggerhappy1337 is a player on a Rust server. He was first encountered by Markiplier and Bob in "SHOOT ME!!", the fifth part of their playthrough of Rust, where he provided them with valuable supplies.

Beforehand, Triggerhappy was an avid player on one of Rust's servers. It was implied that he had been playing for quite some time, as he was seen dressed in what was described by Bob as a 'burglar outfit' and was later able to supply Mark and Bob with highly valuable goods.

Mark and Bob soon joined the same server for their playthrough. On his debut, Mark found Triggerhappy and forcefully requested for him to shoot him ("Kill me in my face!"), to which he reluctantly did so. As Mark and Bob were progressing, Triggerhappy cried out for Mark over chat, calling him his "friend" - these cries were brushed off by Mark.

Triggerhappy made a reappearance later in the episode, re-encountering Mark as he tried to keep his distance, fearful of whoever was ransacking their camp. It was shown that Triggerhappy was a fan of Mark's, and proved it with his generosity towards him and Bob, providing food and weapons and offering more at his base, an offer that was politely rejected. In return, he was then given the opportunity to promote his own channel, and received praise from the majority of Mark's fan base (by the request of Mark). Triggerhappy was then deemed highly trustworthy by Mark.

In "IMPRISONED", Triggerhappy paid Mark and Bob a visit, along with several others (including one under the alias 'gamesallday50'), standing outside the campsite. While Bob was initially sure it was Triggerhappy, Mark showed his doubts.

In "BETRAYAL", he was eventually granted the privilege of sharing sanctuary with them after he asked if they needed his help. He was seen without his gear, implying that he died sometime prior to the release of the episode. They invited another player under the alias 'stroodle humpervitch' (who they killed shortly afterwards with a shotgun blast to the back of the head, due to their previous altercations, much to Trigger's shock and confusion). After Mark's death at the hands of Bob (twice), Mark ended up in the middle of nowhere, due to a five-minute cool down between spawns. The events prior were the last we saw of Triggerhappy in the series.

In "WORST BANDITS EVER", Mark and Bob faced another player (sandlind8), who (similar to Triggerhappy) gave Mark supplies, albeit not as valuable as Trigger's, due to the fact that they were simple materials that he didn't find a use for, or possibly had too many of. In a manner similar to Stroodle's predicament, Bob flanked Sandlind and tried to kill him, but failed to realize that he forgot to reload his shotgun until after Sandlind left.

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