The King Of The Werecats
Origin (Game) None
Origin (Episode) "October Charity Livestream"
Release date December 30, 2014
Length 6:16
Outro music The Noisy Freaks - Selection
Link The King Of The Werecats
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The King Of The Werecats is an episode of Markiplier Animated created by SCRIBBLENETTY.


Listen to the AMAZING animated story of the WERECAT!!


Full transcript
Do you guys have any...
...any spooky stories to tell?
Well I'm eating, go ahead Bob.
Bob do you have a spooky story?
Spooky story?
How am I- um... mmmmm...
Do an improv story! We- well you- you start it. You start it, we'll do a sentence at a time. Go.
Lakehouse, home, um... in the Catskills in New York, upstate, sort of... Mark, go!
Eheheheh! You gave me a lot of... information to work with!
It's a lot- it's a very detailed scenario, bring it home!
So- so, so in this lake house in upstate New York, in the Catscales-
(spews soda)
(falls over)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah!
Eheheheheheheheh, Wade, we're trying to tell a story here, keep it togeth- did that go through your nose? Ahhahahahahahahah!
That was, absolutely... that was absolutely worth it!
(-?- it was because of the -?-) freaking cat scales!
Holy shit!
Why am I eating around you guys?!
Do I need to continue the story, or?
Yeah no, Cat Scales, go ahead!
So the Catskills, uh, were- were, the cats' scales which are... xylophones for cats, and, um... We- we, we didn't bring cats with us, so when we heard the cat scales, we knew we were in trouble... Go!
Is it Wade's turn or my turn?
No, it's your turn, I don't think Wade can do it!
So yeah, so we didn't have cats with us, but we can hear the cat scales, and uh... It was mean, and I forgot to mention that Wade was there. And Wade was just like: "I can't even handle the cat scales exist. How are we supposed to fight this?!?" And I was like: "Well, you know what- you know what the one thing that cats are the most fearful of, right? It's Cool Ranch Doritos." And Wade as always has like six bags of Cool Ranch Doritos when we go on vacation together... um. So I went into Wade's trunk that he carries, it's got like goofy stickers all over it. It's like one of those... it's like a Harry Potter trunk, and uh, he's got a wand in there too. Uh, so I went in there, and I got- I got like three of six bags of Cool Ranch Doritos... uh and I got them out, and I was like: "Let's just... sprinkle these on all of the window sills and keyboards in the house and that will keep the cats away, uh, that are playing those cat scales." Uh, and I forgot what happened next.
Uh, I remember thankfully!
Okay good, thank god!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
You know, I was wondering when you were gonna pass it to me, but you just kept rolling with it, I was amazed!
I just tazed- Say some words, Mark, that was one sentence.
So, then uh, heheheh that was a long-ass- ok. So then, after we ran out of Cool Ranch Doritos, we thought we were safe from the cat scales. Uh, and we thought that we were safe, but unfortunately, they weren't actually cats, the were... werecats; people that turn into cats in the light of the full moon, and they are not allergic to Cool Ranch Doritos. So... Wade donned his Harry Potter garb, and put on his robe, and then took his wand out, and ran into the woods, screaming...
Peehype... He casted the Harry Potter spell Peeyus Hypeus as he blasted the werecats away with his... wand juice. And... Go!
Uh, unfortunately, that's only Wade's version of the story, and what actually happened was that he ran into the woods...
hahahahaha, what?
He ran into the woods...
He ran into the woods wearing his Harry Potter stuff, uh... screaming peehype and flailing his wand around, really girly, with his female hands. And uh... and the cats just ate him. Cause, Harry Potter's not real and Wade didn't know that, but... what can you do.
Why did this story turn into a story about meheehehehee?!?
So we lost Wade, and then it was just Mark and me, I forgot to mention that Mark was there.
I was there, yeah.
He was just quietly sitting in the background, like he does. And Mark hopped up, and was like: "fuck! werecats..." Go ahead, Mark.
Okay, so I said "fuck, werecats..."
A ha ha ha ha ha
Because I hate them, god damn they're the worst. And I didn't know what to do, but I reached into Wade's trunk, and deep down in the bottom, uh there was this wet bag in there. And I pulled it out, and it was really gross, because when I opened it up it was just filled with... um...
I don't know what it was, but I didn't like it.
So I handed it to Bob... Ehehehehahahahahaha
Ha ha ha hah!
So I didn't- I didn't know what it was, so I handed it to Bob, and I told him that this was the secret ingredient to killing all the werecats. And, he believed me! So, uh... this is what happened next!
Uh well, so Mark handed me this bag, that I instantly recognized as obliviously being Wade's peacoat.
And I really bring this whole thing in full circle, didn't I?
Um, so I took Wade's peacoat, and I put it on, and I just was like: "You know what? You guys ate Wade and... Mark's not gonna do shit, he's just gonna sit back there on Twitter on his stupid iPhone... and... not do anything. And I just ran out into the woods, and I beat the shit out of those fucking werecats! I punched them all.. in their peopley... cat-like faces... and uh...
And Wade the Maid's number 2 in Ireland!
And Wade was never heard from again.
Okay unfortunately that was just Bob's side of the story. What really happened is Bob put on the peacoat. He loved it so much, and then ran out to join, uh, the werecats, and the werecats... smelled the peacoat, and then claimed him as one of them. And they made him their king, and they made him King of the Werecats! So...
And that's the story about how I became King of the Werecats.
Yes. That's what happened.
Happy Halloween!
(Outro music)


  • The story was told at the October 2014 Livestream. It can be found here and here.
  • Catskills is a real camping zone in upstate New York.
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