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Alias(es) TheRPGMinx
Gender Female
Born Michelle M. Smith
Birthdate October 1, 1983
Age 36
Residence England
Nationality British
Occupation Video game commentator
Years active 2011-present
Internet information
Channel TheRPGMinx
Twitter Mrs Minx
Facebook Mangaminx's "Let's Play" Videos
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Michelle M. Smith, better known by her online alias as TheRPGMinx, MangaMinx or just Minx for short, is a British YouTuber who has played with Mark in some Prop Hunt episodes. She's known as being a liar when hiding and often mocks Mark. Her face is never shown in her Let's Plays and she identifies herself by art.

She mostly appeared in Mark's Trouble in Terrorist Town GMod videos and on a few occasions, Mark would blame her for any killings that were done, either by him or by someone else during the entire session, and as a result, she would sometimes get killed off by either Mark or everyone else in the game.


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