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  • Make Template:MEpisode up do date and fix all modes.
    • All infoboxes in except Unus Annus one should be replaced by Template:MEpisode and all pages and deleted.
  • Check if any of Templates don't have proper categories, especially Special:UncategorizedTemplates.
    • Delete unused templates (checked by "What Links Here" on template page).
  • Test that all templates do not add an invisible p created my mw-parser when used on pages.
  • Adjust Template:Main_Page to look nice on thin screen.
    • Consider if information on it is outdated.


  • Update Markiplier_Wiki:Rules_and_Policy.
    • Make a visible ban policy wtih different stages of offence, we can't perma-block everyone for every issue.
    • Add a styling tutorial for creating new pages.
  • Add an episode navbox to every series.
  • Clean-up MediaWiki:Wikia.css from redundant code.
  • Describe Mark's appearances on other channels, add to List_of_Videos/Collaborations.
    • Describe Mark's appearance in Smosh: The Movie, RedGiant Comics and You're Welcome Tour.
    • Describe Mark's appearances in news, if any.
  • Add a transcript page to most video pages.
  • Find what #kickclub was about.
  • Check with Unus Annus Goodbye. stream if "During their twelve-hour finale stream, Mark and Ethan revealed their original plans to repair the Barrel (Mark's van that was destroyed by Ethan as part of their challenge) and make it fully operational again, only to drive out to the desert and blow it up with TNT, as a visual metaphor of not being able to cheat death." is true.
    • Add a gallery of noteworthy events.
  • Invite, educate and moderate more people from outside. The wiki can't be ran by just 4 admins, and everyone so far are mostly either kids or trolls that only do something ban-worthy.
  • Amy Nelson article is too short for it's importance.
  • Replace all JPG images with PNG.



  • Add a recap section to every game page describing Mark's playthrough.
  • Is there a need for pages in Category:Audio_Logs?
  • Should "short n stupid" playlist get a page?
  • Add a category for Mark just browsing web, especially online quizes, since that doesn't count as a game.
  • Videos with similair naming or different punctuation should get a Disambiguatius treatment, like Afraid of Monsters and AFRAID OF MONSTERS.
  • Add a Notes column to List of Videos via icons.
  • Update Special:AchievementsCustomize with more recognizable memes.