Over the years following the creation of the Slender Man legend on the Something Awful forums in 2009, various pieces of media, including video games, have been created that revolve around the legend.

Following the release of the Marble Hornets series in 2009 and Slender: The Eight Pages in 2012 (then known simply as "SLENDER"), the Slender Man lore rose to popularity, prompting several games and short films to be released afterwards.

Markiplier, seeing the attention that the game was being given and following popular demand from his fanbase to play the game, decided to give the Slender games a try. Due to the positive feedback that his first playthrough has gained, he had taken it upon himself to play an assortment of different Slender games in the subsequent future.

List of Slender games played by Mark

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  • Of the Slender Man's Shadow maps that Mark has played, he has finished all but Carnival and the Christmas Special (which he has openly displayed his disliking of). Mark initially experienced great difficulty in completing Prison due to the new 130-second time mechanic that was integrated at the time, but after the Unity update, he was able to finish the map within five minutes.
  • Mark had finished Slender: The Arrival a total of three times - once on his first playthrough, then later on Hardcore difficulty, and for a third time during his livestream in early January of 2014.
  • Despite his tactics, methods and research, Mark has yet to finish the original Slender map.
  • Mark has considered the Christmas Special and Slender: The Nine Pages to be the scariest Slender games thus far.