Matthew Patrick
Alias(es) MatPat
Gender Male
Born Matthew Robert Patrick
Birthdate November 15, 1986
Age 33
Birthplace Medina, Ohio
Residence Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Occupation Internet personality
Online media consultant
Years active 2009 - present
Internet information
Channel The Game Theorists
Twitter Matthew Patrick
Instagram matpatgt
Facebook MatPat
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Matthew Robert Patrick, known as MatPat, is the co-owner and primary host of The Game Theorists, The Film Theorists and GT Live(the other being his wife, Stephanie Cordato). The main focus of the Theorist channels are edutainment videos on the topic of video games, film, and television. The channels usually delve into the science, culture, and lore of gaming and cinema, including the culture behind them and connecting one gaming universe to another. Other Theorists channel include Drake McWhorter and Kenny Landefeld (Drake's artist), who hosted Crossover and Smash History; Michael Sundman, who hosts Game Exchange and its replacement Culture Shock; Ronnie Edwards, MatPat's editor and occasional host of Digressing & Sidequesting, and Austin Hourigan, host of The SCIENCE! Series on The Film Theorists include Film Theory, Did You Know Movies? and Frame by Frame. MatPat and Stephanie also own GTLive, their archive channel for gaming livestreams.

Mark appeared in the opening teaser of the Game Theory episode Why FNAF Will Never End. MatPat appeared in Five Nights At Freddy's: The Musical – Night 5 with Markiplier and Random Encounters, and made a brief appearance in Mark's vlog ALL OUT WAR!!


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