Alias(es) Matthias
Gender Male
Born Matthew Fredrick
Birthdate September 20, 1988
Age 31
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Residence Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Occupation Comedian, internet personality, online producer
Years active 2011-present
Internet information
Channel Matthiasiam
Twitter Matthias
Instagram matthiasiam
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Matthew Fredrick, better known by his online alias Matthias, is a YouTuber and one of Mark Fischbach's friends. His channel features sketch and live action comedies, music, word games with many other YouTubers and a multitude of collaborations with Mark, most of which comprise of his challenge videos. He is married to Amanda Faye and has some connections with Disney. He also had his first child and daughter named Luna Elanora on July 30, 2016.

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