The Markiplier Livestream Archives channel (listed on YouTube under the name markiplierTWITCH) was Mark's former livestream archiving channel, before it went inactive around late-2012. This channel is one of Mark's many YouTube channels, but the only one not to base itself around archiving his main Let's Play videos.

The channel started in May 24, 2012, with the release of Mark's Diablo 3 stream. As the name of the channel suggests, its intended purpose was to archive Mark's early streams for later viewing, in the case that any of his viewers had missed the stream when it was being broadcast live. As of mid-2012, early playthroughs of Diablo 3, DayZMinecraft, Max Payne and Dead Space 2, among others, can be found on this channel.

The channel's activity abruptly stopped following the release of Mark's Super Meat Boy stream, in July 10, 2012. Since then, Mark has redirected his followers to his page to view past broadcasts of his livestreams, both past and present.

As of February of 2016, all of Mark's past broadcasts have been deleted, due to Twitch altering the rules for Videos On Demand and deleting the archived videos from their servers after a certain period of time, depending on the user's status on Twitch. So far, there are no known methods of recovering them. Due to Mark's status as a partner on Twitch, should any future viewers miss the time the stream was broadcast live, they have an extra 60 days following the live broadcast to view or download the stream before it's deletion.

In mid-2015, Mark had announced his discontinuation of streaming on Twitch, opting instead to broadcast his livestream events on YouTube's livestreaming service from that moment on.