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Release Date February , 2013
Length 1:38
Link MARKIPLIER ON THE NEWS RIGHT NOW!! Link in Description!
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MARKIPLIER ON THE NEWS RIGHT NOW!! Link in Description! is the vlog episode by Markiplier.


Thank you everyone SO MUCH for helping me with this! I'm so excited for our future fundraisers and I'm just exploding with joy at the moment! This is so amazing that we can do this together and I know that we're finally starting to make an impact on the world around us! And please if you can Share the video on Facebook, there's already a post on my page if you want to share or comment there! THANK YOU ALL!!


Full Transcript
Mark: Hello, everybody! I just wanted to make a quick v-log. The news story that aired today is available on their website, so click the link in the description below to go to my Cincinnati Local 12 news site. You'll see the article there, there's a full transcript and the video itself is in the left-hand side. You can see it, just click on it, you can watch it there, I can't host it here, so I just have to link directly to it, so...

Thank you guys so much for doing this! I mean, I wouldn't have a story on the news if it wasn't for you guys, you guys have really helped me out and done an amazing thing with our charity drives. I'm just – I'm so proud of you guys and what we've done together, so thank you guys so much, um, just... I – It's unbelievable to know that this is happening, I'm ecstatic!

And this means that next time we do this in the beginning of March, we'll have an even bigger showing, we'll get even more sport and we'll raise even more money, so thank you guys again so much, and please watch the video down below, it shows a little bit of why this charity is important to me. I've discussed it over the charity livestream before, but this helps get it out in a more personal way, so thank you guys again and, um...

Oh, and one more thing, in the article, they say I'm the "fastest-growing YouTube gaming channel in YouTube history", I'm not... I just wanted to make that very clear, I'm not... So, that's a little bit of a correction. I'm flattered that they think I am, but not quite there yet, so... thank you guys again. Remember, in the description, so... Thanks again, guys, you guys have done so much to change my life and together, I know we're gonna do incredible things, so thank you again, and as always, I will see you in the next video. Buh-BYE!

Local 12 Article

The Local 12 article featuring Mark's accomplishments at the time was removed three months after his interview. The copy is available here:

Local YouTube Star Uses Web To Raise Money For Cancer Research
Published: 2/18 4:55 pm, Updated: 2/19 8:29 am

YouTube ranks as the second largest search engine in the world. Now a local man is harnessing some of the site's power for good.

On March 6th 2012, Mark Fischbach, AKA Markiplier, uploaded his first gaming session to YouTube. He's posted videos everyday since. "It's basically me screaming like a little girl."

For his efforts, Mark has gained more than 100,000 followers. He's the fastest growing gaming channel in YouTube's history. It's now picking up fans at the clip of 1,000+ per day. "People like watching sports with commentators, I basically commentate on video games."

Playing horror games isn't just a hobby for Mark. He's hoping to use his webcam to change the world. Once a month, Mark streams his gaming sessions live online, all in an effort to raise money for charity. "I've done it for 24 hours straight. I was a little grumpy at the end of it, but we beat our goal, raised $1,100."

That was last July when he only had 3,000 fans. This past Saturday, with the power of his 100,000 fan network, it only took him 9 hours to reach the $8,000 goal. The crowd-funded cash will go toward cancer research, a cause that's close to Mark's heart. "My dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 about the same time I was graduating from high school. It was a really tough time. He died July 4th, 2008. He was a really benevolent guy, everyone liked him."

Using a keyboard and his vocal chords, Mark's carrying on his father's legacy of generosity. He set a goal of raising $50,000 this year through his monthly streaming sessions that could change because the bigger his YouTube network grows, the greater his potential for good. "Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video, bubbbbbye."

In total, Mark Fischbach has raised more than $20,000 using Go-Fund-Me. His next live streaming event will be at the beginning of March.