Latin Goddess
Alias(es) Latin Goddess
Gender Female
Occupation Minecraft server administrator
Years active 2011-present
Internet information
Channel LatinGoddessGame
Twitter Latin Goddess
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Latin Goddess is the co-owner of Vox Populi Minecraft server with her boyfriend Zombiemold, where Markiplier and his friends are allowed to record their Drunk Minecraft series. She is known for getting angry very quickly, when Mark makes fun of her or makes any mention to give Zombie to his fangirls. She holds hostility toward Mark and can strike lightning bolts, summon Creepers (and other creatures), create lava pools, or nuke him (as far as she has shown) at any moment possible, sometimes regardless of who's around. In the Drunk Minecraft series, she is usually there with Zombie, and also usually helps him nuke everything, or spawn something unpleasant. She is seen in action in episode 13 "Latin's Wrath" and more discreetly in episode 62 "Latin's Return".

In "LATIN'S RETURN", Latin made Mark look like he was imagining things by showing herself to Mark and unintentionally avoiding being seen by everyone else. Not even harming Mark, just the fact that Mark saw Latin sent him into hysterics. Toward the end of the video, Bob saw Latin and tried to assure Mark she wasn't trying to hurt anyone. Though when Mark confirmed Bob saw her, he tried to convince Bob how she actually was trying to hurt him (despite her failed attempts), when really she wasn't even trying.

In 2011, Latin created her own YouTube channel, though she didn't start uploading videos until 2013 with the majority of her videos being League of Legends and Minecraft related, more specifically how she likes to troll people in-game.

Latin made an appearance in Mark's Trouble in Terrorist Town series in "WATER PARK FUN". Despite her spontaneous entrance, she made no effort to badger Mark, though she did facetiously incinerate herself along with ZombieMold as a metaphorical sense of their love.


  • From the trio, Latin seems to enjoy tormenting Mark the most and possibly the only one of them, mostly for revenge for the many times Mark has poked fun at her and/or Zombiemold.
  • As evidenced many times in past episodes, she seems to get jealous very easily if another girl has an interest on Zombiemold, examples are when Mark teased her that he would willingly give Zombie to one of his fangirls, which provoked her right away by striking Mark with a lightning bolt.
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