Jason Fischbach
Tom Fischbach
Jason (center) and Mark (back)
Gender Male
Born Jason Thomas Fischbach
Birthdate July 28, 1987
Age 33
Residence Cincinnati, Ohio
Nationality American
Occupation Author, writer, and artist
Years active 2003-present
Internet information
Twitter TwoKinds
DeviantART TwoKinds
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Jason Thomas Fischbach[1] (born July 28, 1987), known as Thomas or Tom, is a digital artist and is recognized as the creator and author of the popular web comic TwoKinds. He is also Mark Fischbach's elder brother. As reiterated by Mark, Tom does not like to be in front of a camera - the few times he is seen is due to Mark's pressing for his appearance for the sake of the audience. Despite this, he was featured as Mark has planned, albeit voice-only, in Mark's Orcs Must Die! 2 playthrough. He has made several small appearances in Mark's livestreams.



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