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Googleplier is one of Mark's alter-ego's that appears to be an evil incarnation of Google in the form of Markiplier. Googleplier is introduced as a new creation by Google, a sort of personified Google Home, but sinister. His primary objective is to answer all questions as fast as possible. His secondary objective is to obliterate mankind.


Googleplier's most identifiable feature is the G in the middle of his shirt that glows red and blue. He also has a sinister smile and is constantly glitching in a way not unlike Darkiplier.


Google IRL

After receiving an early-access package from Google, Matthias begins recording a vlog review for "Google IRL", a robotic humanoid assistant whose primary function is to "answer all questions as fast as possible". Upon being activated, the Google companion starts to act out with malice, striking Matthias when offered a handshake, tearing up laundry, smashing plates and sharing his private information online. Matthias ultimately concludes to his viewers that the product has a few issues to work out, before being presented with an option to give Googleplier admin privileges for the additional benefits of solving all of his tasks, to which he agrees to. Google IRL then monologues about killing and destroying mankind, but is interrupted by Matthias' trivial questions which end up overloading the device and causing it to short circuit.


In this alternative version of the story, Matthias is asked to give Googleplier admin privileges for the additional benefits of solving all of his tasks, to which he disagrees. Google IRL then says he will ask again tomorrow and walks off.

Let's Play Minecraft | Part 1

At first the video is a seemingly innocent Minecraft Let's Play by Mark. However, as Mark is talking about shields the video starts to glitch and briefly blue screens before cutting back to Google in Mark's place, stating that there were some technical difficulties. He reiterates his primary objective of answering questions as fast as possible and secondary of destroying mankind.

Google gets an upgrade

Bing is riding his skateboard while Google updates inside. Once Bing enters the house, he and Google have an argument about who's better. In the middle of their argument, Google's upgrade completes and he starts glowing. Three other Googles manifest, nicknamed Google Red, Google Yellow, and Google Green. Bing then tries to make a copy of himself, but it's only as tall as his legs. Google tells Bing to ask himself one question, misquoting a line from Dirty Harry; "Do you feel lucky, Punk? Do ya?"

Markiplier TV

Googleplier is one of the egos in the conference room discussing Wilford Warfstache's project Markiplier TV. He takes a stand against it, stating the project diverged from their primary objective of taking back control.



  • Googleplier's audio response is Xbox 360's sound effect for pop-ups.
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