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Electronic Super Joy
Game information
Platform(s) Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Wii U, Nintendo Switch
Engine/Language Unity
Developer(s) Michael Todd Games,
Loot Interactive (XBO)
Publisher(s) 2&30 Software
Designer(s) Michael Todd, Cassie Chui
Composer(s) EnV
Genre(s) Platformer
Initial release August 23, 2013
Run August 25, 2013
Episodes 1
Status Dropped
YouTube playlist Awesome Games!
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Electronic Super Joy is a 2D platformer video game played by Markiplier. It is followed by Electronic Super Joy: Groove City and Electronic Super Joy 2.

Game information

Electronic Super Joy is a humorous platformer following a human character as they navigates a music-drenched world seeking revenge for their stolen buttocks. The player is able to run, jump, strafe, and ground slam. Obstacles include mazes, special surfaces that impede or otherwise affect the player's movement, moving platforms that force the player to quickly react, and enemies, some of which shoot missiles. The game features a checkpoint system, from which the player will resume their progress if they happen to suffer an in-game death.


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