Drunk Minecraft
Host(s) Mark Fischbach (Markiplier)
George Barnes (LordMinion777)
Bob Muyskens (muyskerm)
Seasons 3
Episodes 69
Run August 8, 2012 - April 19, 2015
Status Cancelled
Playlist Drunk Minecraft
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Hello everybody, welcome to Drunk Minecraft, where we put our livers on the line for YOUR entertainment!


Drunk Minecraft is Markiplier's second-longest running series of Let's Play videos featured on his channel, running from early August 2012 to April 19, 2015. On November 17, 2015, Mark announced the sudden conclusion of Drunk Minecraft due to an incident with alcohol that caused him to suffer a mild heart attack.


The series features Mark, along with his good friends Bob Muyskens (muyskerm) and George Barnes (LordMinion777), partaking in many hilarious undertakings on the Vox Populi server hosted in the popular sandbox game Minecraft, all the while drunk, often resulting in ridiculous creations and mass destruction, much to admins Zombiemold and Latin Goddess' amusement and irritation.

During the course of an episode, the group partakes in the accomplishing of many self-made goals. Their efforts to achieve any progress often result in either encountering masses of deadly mobs hell-bent on killing the three, to the group building hilariously grotesque, odd-looking or (on several occasions) penis-ridden sculptures, to continuously falling victim to environmental factors, all of which usually lead to them making little to no progress on the task at hand whatsoever. Large craters where their 'hard' work formerly laid (as a result of excessive TNT usage) are also prevalent throughout the series, often caused by Zombiemold (most of the time at the behest of Mark).

During the course of the series, the three often alternate from working closely together to achieve progress while continuously cracking jokes, to fighting each other over petty arguments (also while cracking jokes). Most of the time, Wade is the butt of many of Mark and Bob's comments.

On a few occasions, special guest stars are invited to join the fun. Well-known YouTubers Yamimash, CaptainSparklez and Phil from FyreUK have all taken part in the various endeavors that Mark and his friends have experienced.


Season 1

In Season 1, Mark, Bob and Wade partake in many self-made goals, ending with hilarious results.

Number Episode Description Release Date
1 A NEW HOPE In the series premiere, Mark, Bob and Wade set out with a list of goals, hoping to accomplish as much as possible, all the while intoxicated. August 8, 2012
2 CASTLE IN THE SKY The group continue with their set endeavors, with hilarious results and lots of laughs. August 10, 2012
3 TEMPLE RUN After demolishing a melon farm, Mark, Bob and Wade traverse through a large puzzle-ridden labyrinth of a temple. August 13, 2012
4 ZOMBIE-PIRATES After getting lost within (and blowing up) the temple's sewers, the trio decide to try their luck in the seven seas. August 17, 2012
5 BUNNY OF DOOM Mark and his friends solve their way through various perils - defusing a large TNT block, fighting mobs on Herobrine's cake and fending off a monster of a bunny over a lake of lava. August 19, 2012
6 WADE IS A LIAR Mark and Bob accuse Wade of lying about an international model that he had met when he was on a night out, continuously making fun of him and his so-called "girlfriend". August 25, 2012
7 BLOCKSKETBALL After coming to accept Wade's story, Mark, Bob and Wade partake in a new activity they dub 'Blocksketball'. August 28, 2012
8 BEST PART EVER The group decide to attempt another house build, but things go awry. August 30, 2012
9 PEN1S CANNON In this episode, the group goes through a variety of events, from Mark and Bob's in-game marriage in a church to a phallic-shaped cannon. September 1, 2012
10 ROLLER COASTER MAYHEM Mark and his friends get to work building a roller coaster, with weird contributions and varying results. September 4, 2012
11 PEN1S CANNON REDUX Using a similar idea from Episode 9, Zombie creates a gargantuan 'working' Penis Cannon, which fails after three attempts from Wade. September 9, 2012
12 BUILDING A HOUSE After revisiting the pirate ships and blasting each other to pieces, Mark, Bob and Wade attempt yet another accommodation build next to the (former) Penis Cannon, and actually seem to make some progress. September 11, 2012
13 LATIN'S WRATH In what may be considered one of the most popular Drunk Minecraft episodes, Mark and his friends try to maintain the house, all the while Mark is taunting LatinGoddess (Zombie's girlfriend) and provoking her to the point where she herself takes action. September 12, 2012
14 THE PROPOSAL In the aftermath of the destruction that was 'Latin's Wrath', the group attempts to recover and continue with their lives, and Wade asks a very serious question. September 14, 2012
15 THE EXPERIMENT With the house rebuilt and the landscape restored, the group try hard to re-maintain the house, fighting off numerous slimes and Endermen, refurbishing the house's interior and encountering floating glitched blocks. September 17, 2012
16 AIRSHIP OF WONDERS Mark, Bob and Wade encounter a strange vessel looming in from over yonder. September 19, 2012
17 WHAT DID MARKIPLIER SAY? Following the destruction of the Penis (demolished in favour of keeping the series PG-rated), Bob leaves Mark and Wade for important reasons undisclosed, leaving the two to deal with household and garden maintenance. September 22, 2012
18 TRIPLE FACECAM FAILURE After fixing Wade and Bob's webcam issues (but not their on-screen placement), Mark spills his drink over his keyboard, creating new problems for everyone involved as he desperately searches for a working unit. September 28, 2012
19 BEST MOB FARM EVER! The group get to work building a mob farm for an easier way to satisfy their special needs and purposes. October 1, 2012
20 NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED! At the bottom of the mob farm, things go wrong, from a massive Creeper army to a mountain covered peak-to-base in lava. October 7, 2012
21 SLENDY'S NIPPLES Mark and his friends encounter an enormous Slender Man and decide to redecorate. October 24, 2012
22 BEAT YOUR MEAT After blasting the Slender Man with (glitchy, non-destructive) TNT, the group traverses the island in search of a new spot to build, settling on the peak of a tall mountain. October 25, 2012
23 ARENA MASTERS Mark, Bob and Wade take their chances in the mob arena, fending off mobs, forming new alliances and making new enemies. October 31, 2012
24 FUNNIEST VIDEO EVER As the group get to work building yet another house, night falls, raising new problems. November 4, 2012
25 THE WALKING DEAD The group finds themselves stranded in the middle of a derelict city, swarmed by the undead with the only things keeping them alive being rotten flesh and each other. November 8, 2012
26 ROLLER COASTER REDUX After taking suggestions from the viewers (and quickly disregarding them), Mark, Bob and Wade try their hand at another roller coaster build. November 13, 2012
27 PIRATE-HERSHEL The group traverse through a barren wasteland of what was once a large city, now populated by a myriad of zombified forms.

Special guest star: Aaron Ash (Yamimash)

December 10, 2012
28 LOST In a recreation of the popular survival series LOST, the group, after having crash-landed on a deserted island, try their best to make use of what they have.

Special guest star: Aaron Ash (Yamimash)

December 12, 2012
29 HOW TO BUILD A HOUSE Mark, Bob and Wade show the viewers around the many aspects of Minecraft through a house-making tutorial. December 15, 2012
30 HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! To celebrate Christmas, the group (sans Wade) and Phil travel through a snowy wasteland, searching desperately for things to do.

Special guest star: Phil Southam (FyreUK)

December 23, 2012
31 HOMAGE TO WADE (IT'S A PENIS) In Wade's absence, Mark, Bob and Phil erect phallic monuments in honour of him.

Special guest star: Phil Southam (FyreUK)

December 27, 2012
32 DRUNKEST EPISODE EVER The group (sans Wade) traverse a hellish apocalyptic landscape in search of supplies and sanctuary.

Special guest star: Phil Southam (FyreUK)

December 31, 2012

Season 2

In Season 2, different objectives are given to the group to accomplish, pitting each member against the rest, with Zombie overlooking their progress, making for exciting competitions from two points of view.

Number Episode Description Release Date
33 THE TOWERS OF IRON In the series' return, Mark, Bob and Wade compete against each other for the gold by building the tallest tower of iron blocks. March 21, 2013
34 THE BEST HOUSE With the materials they were supplied with, the three set on their quest for the medal by building a house. March 26, 2013
35 STATUES OF WADE After Wade's victory, Mark, Bob and Wade build statues in the latter's honour, competing for Zombie's favour. March 31, 2013
36 THE EMERALD RUN The group works together to transport a set of emerald blocks to the outside world from the depths of a mob-ridden cavern, while keeping their overall performance in check to ensure a high chance of success. April 9, 2013
37 THE MOUNTAIN CLIMB The three face another challenge: scaling a dangerous pyramid on piggyback, reaching for the red wool that will prove essential to their victory. April 12, 2013
38 RETURN OF SLENDY'S NIPPLES The group work together to rebuild Slendy's Nipples, with odd results. April 16, 2013
39 SMOKEY THE BEAR Mark, Bob and Wade pay homage to Smokey the Grizzly Bear by attempting to build a statue in his honour. April 30, 2013
40 CAST AWAY Due to their questionable actions in the previous episode, Mark, Bob and Wade are cast away on a deserted survival island in the midst of nowhere, where the only way off seems to be down. May 3, 2013
41 TEKKIT TIME! The group experiment with the vast technological features of the Tekkit modpack, albeit with no particular goal in mind. May 26, 2013
42 TO THE MOON!! After finding a rocket and several pieces of space apparatus within the Tekkit inventory, Mark, Bob and a reluctant Wade decide to travel to the surface of the moon. May 30, 2013
43 SPACE CREEPERS! MOON ALIENS! The group attempt to create a home on the moon's surface, while trying to fend off familiarly new threats and keeping the moon's inhabitants a safe distance away from their progress. June 5, 2013
44 WHERE IS WADE!? With Wade missing, Mark and Bob venture into and pillage a stray moon village in search of him. June 29, 2013
45 OREGON TRAIL The group venture out to find the Oregon Trail on horseback in a Western-styled landscape, with Wade (now a donkey) tagging along. July 1, 2013
46 CAST AWAY PART 2 In a continuation of Cast Away, the group is cast onto a Skyblock with only a few supplies that may prove more useful than one would think. July 3, 2013
47 CAST AWAY PART 3 Still trapped on the Skyblock, the group try their best to find a way off. July 5, 2013
48 ROLE REVERSAL Mark, Bob and Wade fool around in a Superflat landscape, all the while not acting the same as they used to. July 6, 2013
49 SLENDER MINECRAFT Trapped in an extremely foggy and dark forest, Mark, Bob and Wade go out in search of pages, all the while trying to stay together as a group to avoid whatever may lurk in the trees. July 9, 2013

After a brief hiatus, Mark, Bob and Wade return with many more drunk experiences and competitive gameplay, as well as many plans for the future of the series.

Number Episode Description Release Date
50 DON'T KILL THE CHICKEN In the first episode of a four-part drinking marathon the group decide to partake in, Mark and his friends are spawned on an island with only one objective: don't kill the chicken. October 27, 2013
51 SUPER SMASHED BROS Mark, Bob and Wade are pitted against each other in a fight to the death within a large arena, where they later get a chance to see the inner mechanics. October 31, 2013
52 MARKIPLIER LAND In another of the series' more widely-praised episodes, Mark, Bob and Wade pay a visit to Markiplier Land, where they (particularly Mark and Wade) start to show signs of drunk deterioration as a result of their long drunken recording session. November 3, 2013
53 SHIM SHAM FLIM FLAM Still extremely intoxicated and barely able to function, the three attempt to get something significant done. November 7, 2013
54 WHACK A MOLE The group are dropped into a small forested island, where one member gets the chance to whack the other two in a cat-and-mouse-styled chase. November 10, 2013
55 HEXXIT The three explore through the various features of the fantasy-based Hexxit modpack, once again without a clear end goal. November 13, 2013
56 PROP HUNT Mark, Bob and Wade try their skills in a match of Prop Hunt, remade in Minecraft. November 16, 2013
57 JUMPING ON CAPTAINSPARKLEZ The group, with CaptainSparklez joining, traverse through an extended parkour-type jumping level in hopes of reaching the end before the others.

Special guest star: Jordan Maron (CaptainSparklez)

November 24, 2013
58 GOKU'S NIPPLES The group play around with different sculptures of characters from the Dragon Ball Z universe, with hilarious outcomes.

Special guest star: Jordan Maron (CaptainSparklez)

December 3, 2013
59 THE WALKING DEAD In a second Walking Dead-based episode, the three explore Hershel's farmhouse before traversing through the forest in search of new sanctuary. December 10, 2013
60 PROP HUNT #2 By popular demand, the group play more rounds of Prop Hunt, with much more hilarity ensuing. December 15, 2013
61 BUILD MY THING Provided with ideas that they have composed themselves, each member of the group builds what is described to them on a large slab, with the remaining members having to guess what he is building.

Special guest star: Aaron Ash (Yamimash)

February 5, 2014
62 LATIN'S RETURN Mark, Bob, Wade and Aaron progress on a normal day on Minecraft, where Mark cries wolf upon Latin's sudden return, to the disbelief of the others.

Special guest star: Aaron Ash (Yamimash)

February 8, 2014
63 HUNGER GAMES Mark, Bob and Wade compete for survival in the Hunger Games, where they are dropped in an arena similar to the one depicted in Catching Fire. February 11, 2014

Season 3

Number Episode Description Release Date
64 WE'RE BACK!! After a long hiatus, Mark, Bob and Wade all work together to try to survive the YogBox universe, encountering fiendish and grotesque monsters and trying even harder to build another house. September 19, 2014
65 FIVE NIGHTS AT MINECRAFT Following on with their building tradition, Mark, Bob and Wade decide to pay tribute to one of the world's favourite horror games by building large representations of the antagonistic animatronics of Five Nights At Freddy's. October 21, 2014
66 TNT CANNON WARS The group attempt to fight off Zombie, Latin and each other with self-constructed TNT cannons, working with what limited knowledge of cannon-building that they have. November 1, 2014
67 FLOATING ISLAND PARADISE After a long recess, Mark, Bob and Wade partake in a parkour map challenge, drinking more than ever before. April 5, 2015
68 DUMBEST EPISODE EVER In a post-Easter episode, Mark, Bob and Wade engage in humorous nothingness, from wrangling up rabbits and cows with leashes as Christopher Walken-type mob bosses, to more letter substitution. April 13, 2015
69 EXTREME BOAT RACE In the third part of the group's drunk marathon and Drunk Minecraft's series finale, Mark, Bob and Wade attempt a boat race, continue messing with letter substitution and reminisce the old days. April 19, 2015


  • The texture pack used in almost every episode is the Sphax PureBDcraft Texture Pack.
  • During Episode 1 of Season 1, the group's first task was to build a simple house. Of their many attempts throughout the series, only a few times have they ever succeeded (to some degree). For the majority of their attempts, their house is demolished by varying means - mostly through environmental hazards or excessive usage of TNT.
    • It is often Zombiemold (under the demands of Mark) that lays the destructive TNT blocks down.
    • This goal has become one of the longest running goals of the series, from Episode 1 of the first season to Episode 6 of the third season - almost three years of Drunk Minecraft.
    • The task of house-building is not considered an important accomplishment outside of the Drunk Minecraft series; this was most recently demonstrated in the Farewell Livestream in late-February, where building a house was not considered the group's main concern (though they did acknowledge the fact that a house was even built, albeit poorly).
  • Episodes 20 and 21 of Season 2 (MARKIPLIER LAND and SHIM SHAM FLIM FLAM) and Episodes 1, 4, 5 and 6 of Season 3 (WE'RE BACK!!, FLOATING ISLAND PARADISE, DUMBEST EPISODE EVER and EXTREME BOAT RACE) see major examples of the group's decline into extreme drunkenness, with Mark and Wade being the most affected of the three.
    • In MARKIPLIER LAND, the group starts off already extremely drunk from over-consumption during the previous episode, with their tipsy antics continuing into the following episode.
    • In WE'RE BACK!!, the group quickly slips from a mostly-controlled state of mind to one of near-insanity - the result of intoxicated stress from the many hazards encountered in the episode.
    • In FLOATING ISLAND PARADISE, all members agree to take a sip of their beverages (except for Wade, who downs whole shots) each time they die, resulting in a tipsy adventure.
    • In DUMBEST EPISODE EVER, the group continues on from the last episode still drunk, and as a result do not do anything of significant value, other than dragging different mobs around with leads, all the while laughing. Their drunken antics continue into the next episode.
    • In Wade's case of drunkenness, it is either due to Molly mixing his drink, rather than doing it himself, resulting in a very strong alcoholic beverage, or due to him not listening to certain game rules (as seen in FLOATING ISLAND PARADISE, in which he took whole shots of alcohol rather than sips); in Mark's case, it is usually due to him either not measuring his contents correctly or by drinking excessively at random intervals; Bob seems the most in control of both his drink's contents and his rate of consumption.
  • The recurring 'Jub-Jub' joke originated in the very first episode of the series, after Mark compared a nearby Sphax-textured villager to the Jawa traders of Star Wars, mistaking "Jawa" as "Jub-Jub".
    • According to Bob's findings in BEAT YOUR MEAT, "jub-jub" (pronounced "yub-yub") is an actual word in the Jawan language, and is supposedly used to refer to royalty (e.g. Princess Leia).[1] This is incorrect - "yub yub" is actually a word in the Ewok dialect, which (according to the expanded lore) means "follow/let's go".[2]
  • It should be noted that the concept of Mark playing Minecraft while drunk did not originate from this particular series - during late-June to early-July of 2012 (around the time of Mark's 23rd birthday, and two months before the first official Drunk Minecraft episode), Mark decided to stream sessions of Minecraft while drinking with Bob and, later, AJGaeming. It is these livestreams that mark the true yet unofficial start of Drunk Minecraft.[3]


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