Deep Sleep
Console Web browser
Publisher Scriptwelder
Genre Pixelated Point & Click Psychological Adventure
Episodes 1
Run August 26, 2014
Status Complete
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Deep Sleep is a game played by Markiplier.

Game Information

Interested in lucid dreams, a researcher constructs a world in his mind to explore. However, the world in his dream quickly turns nightmarish, and the researcher becomes trapped. He needs to wake up, which is explained when the player finds a telephone saying he "must wake up". Shadowy figures haunt this world and attempt to restrict the player from guiding the researcher to freedom. At the beginning of the game, the player appears to be in a bedroom. To escape, the player must first find a key, then go into the next room and use the key on a locker. A cube with a keyhole in it appears, and the walls of the room melt down. The player will then have to explore his or her surroundings, and use acquired items to escape. The main obstacle in the game are locked doors, and cannot be opened unless certain items are acquired. After a long period of time, the player finally escapes the building he is in, but still has not woken up yet. Near the end of the game, shadowy figures start to appear and will advance towards the player. The player will then have to escape, as it is impossible to kill the them.

Running away, the player reaches a lighthouse with a Shadow Figure inside. The player then turns the light so it directly faces the Shadow Figure, and it vanishes. The game then ends, as the player "wakes up". However, the character is curious about the Shadow Figures he encountered and declares that he wants to visit them again.


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