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Darkiplier in A Date With Markiplier
Biographical information
Gender Male
Background information
Created by Mark Fischbach
Portrayed by Mark Fischbach
Voiced by Mark Fischbach

Darkiplier is one of Mark's prominent characters, having been featured in various live action videos and sketch comedies on his YouTube channel. Originally being a collective fan name for Mark's dark persona that was featured in his early work, Mark later took the idea behind the character and made him into a primary antagonist of Who Killed Markiplier?. Darkiplier is also a recurring character in Mark's one-off videos.

Characteristics & Traits

Darkiplier is often depicted with a light beaming from below him, creepily smiling towards the screen with his head down and his eyes up, to emphasize the fear factor of his appearance.

"Darkiplier" started as a much darker version of Markiplier, who often behaved in a scary fashion in order to garner reactions from the audience, especially made effective in videos that are already horrific in nature. As time passed, the fan base considered "Darkiplier" to be a separate being from Mark, making varied appearances in several of Mark's videos, and occasionally interrupting a recording with a foreboding message to the audience.


Aside from Mark's regular appearance, Darkiplier dons a monochrome suit. His silhouette is often grayed out and accompanied by a dark foreboding aura that causes his appearance to become visually distorted. At times, Darkiplier's eyes will turn pitch black without any visible pupils.


Who Killed Markiplier?

The origins of the being that would come to be called "Darkiplier" start with two people: twin siblings Damien and Celine. Both of them would unknowingly play a part in the twisted revenge scheme of their friend Mark.

Damien was a childhood friend of Mark and their friend William, aka "The Colonel." He didn't grow up in their manor, but visited frequently; as such, he never experienced a strong exposure to the "Upside-Down" void as Mark and the Colonel both did. Both Mark and the Colonel would eventually fall in love with Damien's sister Celine, but Celine ultimately chooses Mark. The two marry and move into the manor, which causes Mark to ignore Damien and the Colonel, and become a vain dick as his wealth goes to his head.

Celine is persuaded by a jealous Colonel to leave Mark and run away with him instead. Celine does so, already starting to feel the abnormalities of the Manor. The heartbroken Mark then is left alone after Damien becomes the new mayor of the city, who must tend to his new responsibilities.

Years later, Mark invites Damien back to Markiplier Manor, alongside the Colonel and Abe the Detective, for a poker night, as part of an elaborate plot to get revenge on the Colonel. Happy that "the gang" wants to get back together, Damien attends, bringing the District Attorney along as his plus-one.

After a wild night of poker and alcohol, Damien goes to sleep intoxicated with the other guests. The following morning, he expresses to the District Attorney his confusion as to why Mark wanted to get the gang back together so suddenly. He then tends to some work, until Mark's dead body is suddenly found.

In shock of the death of his friend, Damien searches for the Colonel. When he finds him, he accuses him of not taking the current situation seriously and not caring about his friend. The two argue before Damien storms out. When the District Attorney approaches Damien later on, he apologizes for the argument with the Colonel, and admits that he feels lost in the current situation. He sends the DA away, wanting to be alone to process the loss.

Damien later searches for the Colonel, wanting to apologize, but the Colonel avoids him each time, using the strange reality-bending abilities of the Upside-Down. He then approaches the District Attorney, and shares with them his suspicions of both Abe the Detective, as well as the possibility that the murderer wasn't any of the guests at all.

Both Damien and the DA rush back inside when they hear a gunshot, encountering the Colonel and Abe pointing their guns at each other. Damien tries to resolve the conflict peacefully, but tensions only continue to rise. Then Celine arrives, wanting to discover the truth behind the manor's anomalies, and is shocked to learn of Mark's murder.

Celine brings awareness to the fact that lightning strikes every time "murder" is spoken, and realizes that the forces in charge of the house likely have a role to play in the ordeal. She decides to use her mastery of the Arcane Arts to speak with Mark's spirit, despite the objections of the other guests, and turns to the District Attorney for help. She tells the DA that they have a bigger part to play in the ordeal, but in reality she wants to use them as bait, seeing them as expendable.

Damien tries to talk with Celine, confused as to why she interfered with the situation, but Celine is too focused on the abnormalities that she shrugs him off and takes the DA into a room to start the process. Through the Arcane Arts, the DA sees a vision of George the groundskeeper, but Celine urges them to return to their vision and continue searching. Then Damien and Abe intervene, taking the DA out of the room. While the other guests leave to confront George, Damien stays with Celine, wanting to make sure she is safe.

Just then, Mark's spirit and one of the evil entities within the Manor attack Damien and Celine. Mark possesses the body of Damien, and the entity possesses Celine's body, ejecting both of their souls and trapping them within the Upside-Down. Before the other guests can return to stop them, Mark and the entity escape the house and out into the world.

Later, after the District Attorney is shot by the Colonel, their soul appears in the Upside-Down, where they encounter the blue soul of Damien and the red soul of Celine, as well as another evil entity that manipulates the three of them without them knowing. Damien and Celine explain to the DA the truth of the Manor as well as Mark's revenge scheme, with Damien furious over Mark's possession of his body. Damien and Celine, through manipulation of the entity, convince the DA to let the two of them enter their body, in order to maintain their broken body.

The strange amalgamation of Damien's soul, Celine's soul, the entity, and the body of the District Attorney creates an unstable, malevolent being - the one now commonly called Darkiplier. After watching the Colonel break down into madness, Darkiplier gains control of the body, ejecting the DA's soul and stranding it within the house. The DA can only watch helplessly as Darkiplier escapes to the outside world.


Deep within the Darkiplier persona, Damien finds himself in a cabin in an eternal winter with Celine. What he doesn't realize until much later is that Celine crafted the place to pacify Damien and keep him alive and safe within the persona, preventing him from gaining control as well as being discovered by Mark, who she believes is looking for him.

Celine also keeps Damien in a time loop, ensuring that nothing tries to interfere. Damien is tasked with travelling far distances to collect firewood and bring it back to the cabin. When Damien sleeps, Celine goes to hunt any intruders.

One particular loop, however, involves Damien discovering a pink flower in the woods. When Damien tells Celine about it at the cabin, she becomes concerned, as the flower has never appeared thus far - it is an anomaly.

When Damien discovers the flower in the woods again, he hears the confrontation between Wilford Warfstache and Abe the Detective from some time ago echoing through the woods. Wilford's process of coming to terms with the strange new world has caused the void that Celine has created to start breaking. This makes Damien aware of the loop he's been placed in when he returns to the cabin.

Damien tells Celine about the voices that he heard, but Celine insists that they're the only ones in the woods and pleads for Damien to get more sleep. As Celine leaves, Damien warns her to be careful.

Damien then suddenly notices a mirror in the cabin, which wasn't there before. He looks into it but doesn't reflect. Then a mysterious voice starts speaking to Damien, giving him a terrifying vision of himself as a corpse and telling him "It's time to wake up, Damien."

Damien finds himself deep within the forest. He hears Celine calling to him for help, and he rushes to find her. Following her cries, he comes across a frozen lake that he doesn't remember, and sees a hole in the center. Believing Celine to be in the water, Damien hurries to the hole and pulls a body out. Suddenly, Damien's corpse face that he saw in the mirror appears on the body and under the water. The body then pulls a terrified Damien under the water.

Damien finds himself in a green-black void, where he encounters a shadowed figure in front of a cracked background. The figure reveals himself to be Mark, who was able to invade the void after Warfstache's unknowing interference. Mark claims that he wants to apologize, before reminding Damien of the events of Who Killed Markiplier? and claiming that "it's all in the past" and that he was doing everyone a favour with his actions.

Mark expresses his joy for the new altered world and how he can create any story he wants with himself as the hero, and tells Damien that he wants him to be the villain in his story. Damien argues with Mark, with Damien accusing Mark of destroying the lives of him and their friends and Mark asserting that everything they had to begin with was because of his sacrifices. Damien pleads Mark to leave him alone and let him live his life in peace, but Mark laughs him off, finding his ignorance and confusion humorous. He relishes in the future of the two of them and tells Damien "it's time to wake up."

Then Celine breaks through the cracks. Mark tries to greet her cordially, but she throws her axe into his chest without hesitation. Mark laughs manically as his soul departs from the void. Damien angrily tries to get Celine to explain everything, no longer willing to be manipulated by anyone else and desperately wanting to make a choice. As Damien asks if he's dead, Celine denies, which begins to crumble the void.

Celine isn't willing to let the void break despite how tired she is, but Damien pleads for her to let him help her, finally remembering everything. He accepts the fact that he has no clue what's going on and his life will never be the same again. He convinces Celine that trying to save him is only going to end in disaster, and that she needs to rest while he takes control. Celine warns him of the changes he'll undergo, but Damien acknowledges this, deciding to give Mark the villain he wanted. Before the void breaks, Celine tells Damien to "make sure that bastard stays dead." The two are then swept up in a torrent of lake water billowing in from the cracks in the void.

Damien then gains full control of the Darkiplier persona while Celine remains dormant.

In a behind-the-scenes livestream, it's revealed that some time after Damien gains control, Wilford Warfstache approaches Darkiplier, asking where Celine is. After Dark tells him "she's sleeping," Warfstache pitches the idea of his new TV program that he wants to make with the other alter egos. After some thought, Dark goes along with it, simply saying "ok."

Markiplier TV

Darkiplier appears at Wilford Warfstache's pitch meeting for his TV program alongside the other Markiplier alter egos. After the full program is presented, Dark expresses his confusion on how the project is meant to help the egos take control. Despite Wilford's insistence that the program is worth it, Dark respectfully tells "Will" that he's missed the point of the endeavor.

A Heist with Markiplier

Darkiplier appears in the final ending, titled "Ignorance is Bliss." After Mark and the viewer character split up after coming to a one-person only tunnel, Mark disappears, leaving the viewer on their own. Dark sends cryptic texts to the viewer as they walk down the tunnel, adorned with portraits of the Chef, the Butler, Abe, the Colonel, and Mark himself, before greeting them in a dark area.

Dark expresses his hatred for Mark, and wonders just what the role the viewer plays in his stories, whether they were trapped or if they had come to this ending already. He recognizes that the viewer is looking for answers and reveals that Mark had been spreading his lies with the contents of the box. He tells the viewer about the codes he's hidden in each ending, which will reveal the truth about the box. He then sends the viewer back to the beginning of the heist.

A Date With Markiplier

In this interactive game, the viewer encounters Darkiplier if they decide to pay the restaurant bill and see the Horror play. After causing Mark to vanish, Darkiplier pulls the viewer into another darkened area, expressing his frustration for being ignored. He lulls the viewer into a false sense of security, acting like he wants to give them what they want and get to know each other, all while trying to mask his rage inside.

But when Dark teleports the viewer outside, Mark tackles Dark, putting a bag over his head. Dark puts a bag over Mark's head, and the two wrestle with each other and a gun, which falls into the viewer's hands. Mark and Dark get their bags off and try to get the viewer to shoot the other. If the viewer aims for the Mark on the left, Mark is shot and the viewer goes out for chocolate ice cream with Dark before he reveals himself. If the viewer aims for the Mark on the right, Dark is shot and the viewer goes out for vanilla ice cream with Mark.

Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye

Disclaimer: This is a non-canon episode in the lore of both Darkiplier and Antisepticeye.

Darkiplier encounters Antisepticeye, Jacksepticeye's evil alter ego, and the two face down, preparing to fight over the control of a dark realm. However, much to their chagrin, their showdown is interrupted by a variety of other dark personas based on other YouTubers, those being as follows:

  • GrizzlyVoices, BrizzyVoice's dark side
  • ABlazingPhil, AmazingPhil's dark side
  • DannyDarko, DanTDM's dark side
  • Sharkyoho, Schmoyoho's dark side
  • TJSith, TJSmith's dark side
  • KillThePJ, KickThePJ's dark side
  • TomSkar, TomSka's dark side
  • TheDarkDan, danisnotonfire's dark side
  • Pamic Attack, Pamela Horton's dark side
  • jackskills, jacksfilms' dark side
  • Logan Paulution, Logan Paul's dark side
  • Ian Kneecox, Ian Hecox's dark side

Then an evil version of Chica appears, destroying the surrounding dark personas, angry at Dark for not feeding her. Anti giggles and Dark screams as Chica lunges at them.

Notable examples


  • In Error #53, Mark continuously tries to play off the scary aspects of the game as "glitches" while admitting that the game is supposed to be scary, hinting at "Darkiplier's" influence.
  • In the episode "Mr. Kitty Saves the World", there is a purple face that interrupts the video and says, "Thank you", implying "Darkiplier". Afterward, the video 'resets' and Mark pops up suddenly saying "Help me!", before disappearing.
  • He briefly appears in Mark's second episode of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, along with the text "It's me".
  • In Raspy Hill, near the end of the video, he is shown twitching and his disembodied voice welcomes the fan base to the game. He is also suddenly shown with the face of a Jack-O-Lantern.
  • There has also been noticeable instances where "Darkiplier" has shown up in Mark's normal Lets Plays as brief flashes (which can be seen in the fan made "Darkiplier" compilations).
  • In "The Way Too Serious Dance" is shown that Mark can "summon" him at will by dangerous dance. If not done accurately, the summoning will hurt user.
  • Darkiplier also appears as a character in the fanmade game Markiplier... My Name Is... Mark...
  • Darkiplier's archenemy is Antisepticeye.
  • In the fanmade game, With the Addition of Markiplier: Dance With Caution, Darkiplier appears as a female version of Markiplier.
  • In "Markiplier RETURNS!!" Mark thinks that Darkiplier looks like emo vampire.
  • Markiplier created a post on his blog acknowledging the "existence" of "Darkiplier":
RE: Darkiplier
For the people picking Darkiplier as their favorite character of mine… I don’t know who Darkiplier is. He is not a “character” I play. I don’t even know when you all started calling him by that name.
You made him real.
And now he knows who you are.
Why did you do this...