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Daniel Kyre
Daniel Kyre Guitar.png
Daniel in 2015
Gender Male
Born Daniel Lee Kyre
Birthdate July 6, 1994
Birthplace Columbia, South Carolina
Age 21
Died September 18, 2015
Occupation Musician, Comedian, Internet Personality
Years active 2012 - 2015
Internet information
Channel Cyndago
Twitter Daniel Kyre
Instagram dankyre

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Daniel Lee Kyre was a member of Cyndago. Daniel was known to be very kind and humorous, and had a great talent in music. He was a close friend, collaborator, and roommate of Ryan Magee, Matt Watson, and Mark Fischbach. Mark looked up to Daniel in many ways, and took singing lessons with his instructor. Daniel was found in his room on September 16th, 2015, near death due to an apparent suicide attempt. He passed away on September 18th, due to irreversible brain damage, leading to the closing of Cyndago, and the devastation and hiatus of Mark.

In Mark's virtual reality videos, such as Job Simulator, it is shown that Mark kept some of Daniel's things, including his desk, keyboard, and one of his amps.


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