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Game information
Platform(s) Browser game
Publisher(s) Adam Saltsman
Genre(s) Running Arcade
Run January 21, 2015
Episodes 1
Status Complete
YouTube playlist Awesome Games!
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The Escapists

Canabalt is a game played by Markiplier.

Game Information

The player controls an unnamed man fleeing from an unknown threat. As the game begins, the player character jumps from the window of an office building onto the roof of a neighbouring building. He then proceeds to run forward automatically, continually accelerating as he moves. The only control the player has over the character is through a single button, which makes him jump; either from building to building or over obstacles. Missing a jump to another building will cause him to fall to his death, while colliding with a crate or an office chair will reduce his speed. Bombs are also occasionally dropped into the player's path, causing death if not avoided.


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