Markiplier as Doctor

A good doctor showing his patient his own lungs

Dr. Markiplier has a very intimate relationship with Bob, his one and only patient. Dr. Markiplier began his career after graduating from a Nicaraguan school of medicine. 

Originally Dr. Markiplier and Bob were friends (as claimed in the first episode) but as time went on in even the first surgery Dr. Markiplier admited that he was already in hot water for his temper in the operating room. 

In the first operation Bob died within the first three minutes of the video, Markiplier feigned mourning his death then began on another 'Bob'. 

During the middle of the video Markiplier hints that his and Bob's relationship was rocky due to Bob "Ruining" him back in Nicaragua.

Often when Dr. Markiplier gets angry with the game he will take it out on Bob by drilling him in the head, stabbing him with a scapel or using any number of instuments, even Bob's organs, to beat him to death.

Bob returns later needing once again heart and kidney surgery, along with eye and teeth surgery. Dr. Markiplier got confused as of how Bob kept flatlining while having surgery on his eyes and teeth.

Fun Facts

  • Dr. Markiplier at one point regained his mental health enough to actually want to help Bob, but quickly slipped back into insanity and began abusing Bob once more.