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2achar-E 2achar-E 29 days ago

Why hasn't Mark played One Night at Flumpty's yet?

Back in the day, he said that this was his favourite FNaF fan game, so why haven't we seen his playthrough of the 3rd one yet?

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Jacksepticeyefan3160 Jacksepticeyefan3160 23 June 2019

My Life

ok so this is how i 1st fell in love with jacksepticeye aka Seán William McLoughlin

so when i saw his video all the way i thought it was too much and too gory but i relized its not about the song its about beleiving in yourselfe & never give up trying. you just have to stand up & just speak up for yourself and just make new friends

thats why i fell in love with him

but i still like watching markiplier though he is such a funny guy even though he is the king of FNAF but he still a good gamer like jack

jack & mark r still friends no matter what

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Darkiplier000 Darkiplier000 13 May 2019


Has anyone seen Markipliers newest video titled DAMIEN.    if so tell me your thoughts. OMG my theory is maybe this is happening through when Damien and Celine are in the mirror at the final episode of WKM . And that explains why at the end you can see Damien is having the same aura as Darkiplier. WHich would tie into why Darkiplier is after Markiplier.  Celine told Damien to make the bastard( mayor mark) pay right before they went through the change.  So Darkiplier goes after mark trying to get him killed for the past.

heres the link to the video DAMIEN

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Darkiplier000 Darkiplier000 12 April 2019


hey    guys   what  markiplier series should i watch next  i have watched   his   scp series, subnaturica,  d ying light,  a bunch of others 

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Wrath Warrior Wrath Warrior 6 April 2019

Markiplier's friendship with Yamimash

Why Mark stopped making videos with Yamimash, I miss both of them playing videogames.

Is that because of the drama surrounding Yamimash way before?

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Darkiplier000 Darkiplier000 1 April 2019

just a poem by dark to wilf

Till our paths collide my friend

What happened we were best of friends,

Now here we are  oh so faded.

Dropping like flies  in our case dropping dead.

But we never Expected it to happen   

Yet you're not dead , just gone.

I promised I would  be there

Yet im not.

I hear you  shouting saying it's all a joke.

You're all alone now , a wanted criminal you are

You're covered in blood clean yourself,

Blood keeps dripping on the white tiles.

You're crying  you're begging for  us to return

But we cant were  faded.

My black suit is gone  on my body now holds a tuxedo.

Damien who I once was is now  gone here is Darkiplier.

Wilford my dear friend, won't you respond im hugging you.

It's okay im here I try to make you see.

Im sorry  written on the  wall.

Im sorry written in…

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Thedopedemon Thedopedemon 4 March 2019

please welcome a nightmare from hell

hi guys im new here and i want to be noticed so please request some things ask some questions and i will get right to you! (but not always)

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Krystallix1 Krystallix1 9 February 2019

Other Videos

You know when Markiplier sometimes makes vlogs/blogs, or something other then gaming? If we don’t have that here yet, we should add those videos and their information here. That is what I believe. If we do have that here, I suggest we make the group easier to access. This community isn’t about his gaming after all, right? It’s about him. In some sense, his vlogs are more important than (some of) his gaming videos. His gaming videos are just extra info. That is just an example, though. And sometimes, this isn’t true for some of his non-gaming videos. But my thought still stands.

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Musicalsnmarkiplier Musicalsnmarkiplier 25 June 2018

My Thoughts on Mark's Recent Video: Update

Today has got to be one of the saddest days of my year. I watched Markiplier's most recent video of him explaining why he isn't going to be uploading any videos in the next few days or weeks. I hate that I have to write about this as my first blog, but I feel like I had to write about this sudden tragedy.

So, Mark talked for about a minute and a half about the passing of his niece. I feel so awful for Mark and his family. You know I'll be sending prayers to him and his family.

I'm don't even care that Mark won't be able to post or upload any videos, I only care about the safety and well-being of the Fischbach Family. I honestly think that no one else cares if Mark doesn't post for a while. But knowing the fangirls, there's at least one perso…

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Venomous2099 Venomous2099 25 June 2018

Mark could be an actor

So, I was watching Who Killed Markiplier? yesterday and I thought, Mark could be a great actor! What do you guys think?

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Japesh. Japesh. 25 February 2018

unable to use editor

For some reason when I click edit on any article in this wiki it keeps loading and never finishes. I don't have this problem in any other wiki. I've tried deleting the cookies but nothing happened. I have to use classic editor as a result which is doable but I prefer the new editor. Can someone help me figure out how to fix this?

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An unknown fan An unknown fan 29 March 2017


today  i saw the video "i am lost" and i was heart broken because mark you one of my bigest insperations in life. i saw you as a friend when i had none, because of you i have a family in your fans. i look up to you and when i get the money i will try my hardest to be a youtuber like you. you truly are a beautiful beast  

                                                         ~the unknown fan 

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Amonimus Amonimus 13 January 2017


Woohoo, this looks great. Well, there's not much new to say since last time, but the progress has been made.

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RosieRoonie RosieRoonie 26 September 2016

Warfstache Tattoo

Okay so, in a few weeks, I will be getting a pink mustache tattooed on my left shoulder. I am doing this, because, Mark has helped me through so much darkness, I wanted to get something to commemorate him on my body, so why not the Warfstache?

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Goldenblade2 Goldenblade2 21 August 2015

Let's Make Some Noise! :D

Suminoma and I had the idea recently to include sound galleries for the various people featured on this Wiki. So far, I've only gotten around to two sounds for Bob's sound gallery, and so help is greatly appreciated. Anyone who can capture sound clips of the most memorable Markiplier video moments, give it a whirl! Ideally, they'd be sounds from videos on Mark's channel as opposed to sounds taken from videos on other channels (This IS the Markiplier Wiki after all), and of course they'd be in .ogg format. It's a fairly new type of article for this Wiki, so we'll likely be hammering out a few of the kinks before they're perfected as an idea, but of course, this is the first step.

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Goldenblade2 Goldenblade2 12 August 2015

A brief update

I recieved a phone call from the college I applied to and they said that the start of the program I was to be taking this September has been delayed, and thus I will now have a few extra weeks (Give or take a few days, perhaps) of extra time to help out around the Wiki, where it is appropriate or necessary. I also feel it is worth noting that I've been having some troubles with my computer as of late, so if I vanish for any extended periods of time, that is likely the cause.

With my personal affairs now (For the most part) in order, and with news that I'll have extra time to contribute here, I'll be doing my best to help improve the Wiki (Although I still have some catching up to do on Mark's videos, regrettably). My best of wishes to all o…

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Tobivator Tobivator 27 July 2015

Everything's changed now?

So for the longest time, I've been away due to computer issues and focusing on work stuff and all the adult boredom most people deal with. But while I was away and trying to get my computer situation under control, it seems a lot of things are different about the wiki now. Mainly in the way the pages are set up: like the info is shortened to just the video description and maybe a little info about the video, most of the pages now don't have transcripts, you can't watch the video on the wiki anymore (which is fine I guess, there's the link to the video on YouTube still), there's no trivia or extra facts, etc. Take the newest addition "FOXY WATCHES YOU SLEEP" from Mark's 3rd FNAF 4 video: there's a title (obviously), a short summary of the v…

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Goldenblade2 Goldenblade2 25 June 2015

My Summer Plans

At long last, I've graduated High School after 3 years of scrambling to pass in work that I procrastinated completing until the very last minute. This means I'll have much more free time to contribute to the Wiki that I started and ended up having to leave for a time so I could deal with my school work (As well as personal affairs that required my constant attention). I've got some SERIOUS catching up to do on Mark's videos, so know that I won't be savvy on all things Markiplier for a long time, if I ever DO manage to catch up, but I'll be doing what I can to help the community here on the Markiplier Wiki. Again, I'd like to thank Suminoma for keeping this place running when I could not, and only hope I can be as helpful as he has been si…

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I'm on DA!

Hey hey hey! Maya Gomez here!

I am on the website Deviantart!

mylittlebiscuit.deviantart. com

Check it out, I dedicated myself to Mark :)


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Amonimus Amonimus 4 June 2015

I will return

If anyone noticed, I'm slowly doing from just checking activity, do doing something. I just ended school and now I have 3 exams left and then I can work on wiki all day.

Also, if *pfff* someone *yeah* thinks that wide-sized *sure* site looks bad *of course* on your monitor, just contact me with screenshot.

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Curiousgorge66 Curiousgorge66 31 May 2015

New Fanon Wikia

So I thought about it, and after looking through some stuff, there seems to be no Markiplier Fanon Wiki. So I created it.

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Neocarleen Neocarleen 28 May 2015

Nominate Markiplier for Teen Choice YouTuber!

If you have twitter, please nominate Markiplier for the Teen Choice 2015 Choice YouTuber here.

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Amonimus Amonimus 19 May 2015

New wikia size

Currently, wikia stuff is trying to act like power abusing jerks by making every page in every wiki slim and increasing fonts. Until they return all back (probably not), you better to add ?oasisbreakpoints=0&oasistypography=0 to the end of site's address.

Join the war!

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Epic gammer Epic gammer 3 May 2015

What Games that Markiplier MUST play

Markiplier has played many games before but what games should Mark have to play as in he must play them as if the universe demands it. In my opinion, the game that I think Markiplier has ot play is TellTale Games' The Walking Dead. He has to play it because it has DEEP emotional connection and both Yamimash and Jacksepticeye have played the game. I would love to see how he would react to the very difficult choices that the game has and his reaction to the immensly emotional ending in season 1 and season 2.

Another game Mark should play is Valiant Hearts. The game has cartoon graphics but, it does use them to hide its most dark secrets and doesn't hold back on what happens to the characters and what went on during World War I.

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Curiousgorge66 Curiousgorge66 28 April 2015

New Wikia

And yes, you can make pages for characters appearing in the fan games. But the fan games have to be real.

Like these here.

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Curiousgorge66 Curiousgorge66 27 April 2015

Markiplier fangames

I made two new fan Markiplier games.

This is the download link for the first one.

And this is it's sequel.

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LabRatsLover9 LabRatsLover9 18 April 2015


I have searched everywhere but the website i get on most. Wikia for this wiki. I FINALLY FOUND IT OMGOSH YAY!!!

Just this is awesome, I have been looking to get even more info than I have about Mark, So I'm happy I found this!

One thing I REALLY want to learn about...

Wilford Warfstache!!!

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Female Foxy 1987 Female Foxy 1987 15 April 2015


Oh my gosh the first time I watched markiplier I laughed so hard!!!!! Am I the only one who finds markiplier funnier or do you think he's a rager?

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Superwayawolfman99 Superwayawolfman99 4 April 2015


Hello everyone, My name is Waya, Screenname: Superwayawolfman99 and I am now a member of Markiplier Wiki! Come on over and spam me something if you wanna play a while! I'm also an active member of the Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki! 

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TinyBoxTimKira TinyBoxTimKira 3 April 2015


its me tinyboxtim

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Tobivator Tobivator 23 March 2015

A lot will change on this wiki

So obviously, this wiki is pretty new yet decently established with all the things you'd expect from a well made wiki: plenty of cetegories to organize the content, moderators to make sure content is made well, plenty of people willing to contribute to the site, and... yeah that's all I got lol. But now it has one more benefit: me.

Now please allow me to be honest without getting punishment: this wiki was (and still kinda is) pretty... um... unprofessional. As in there is/are grammar and spelling mistakes on almost every page (some worse than others), there are many important pages that are yet to be made, and overall I feel that if Markiplier saw the wiki as it was he'd be pretty disappointed.

I'm not trying to say I'm gonna save this wiki,…

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~xXSpottedgorseXx~ ~xXSpottedgorseXx~ 22 February 2015

Hello Everybody!

Wassup FANDOM WORLD! I AM TALKING! 'quoted from my 5th grade teacher'

  • straightens skirt* Thank you. Hello, my name is Jazlyn Skylar Middleton and I am the proud co-manager of a Walmart and the lead  captain of a line-dance team. I love to read and currently reside in Miami, but will be moving to Virginia soon. I am married and have two daughters, Skylar and Marie. You can find out more about me on my page. Some questions I have been asked:

Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi

Cats or Dogs? CATS FOREVER

What books do you like to read? About the Civil War, cats, cats and Doctor Who

Will you be my friend? Maybe... depends... if you have a masters in FELINE BIOLOGY! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

How long have you been here on this Wiki? I just came recently, but I edit big on WC…

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Amonimus Amonimus 12 February 2015


Hello everyone, it is Amonimus... Suminoma, Amon, Sumi, WHO CARES, ADMIN WANTS TO SAY SOMETH-

It has been a while, two months and a bit, I was working straight from Markiplier's 5M till 6M like for every day. And you know, I won't stop on that. When I first found this Wiki year ago, it was, like nothing. There was a lot info, made by previous Admin, but when he has gone, work just've stopped. There was some passerbies, who tried to keep things up, but, there's no many fun to edit on dead wiki. And I watched Markiplier, up till he was close to 5M, and I've remembered about this site, and was shocked, because it haven't changed a bit. So, there appeared a template, then page, then other page. There was 78 pages when I've started, but if you k…

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Doggymarkiplier Doggymarkiplier 7 February 2015

markiplier + dogs =

for me both together mean ...

KAWAIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what do you think ;)

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Withered Toy Bonnie Withered Toy Bonnie 30 January 2015

Withered Toy Bonnie's Greeting

Hello. I'm new to this wiki. I am going to use this wiki very frequently. Ask me anything in the comments!

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Amonimus Amonimus 17 January 2015

Wikia Adoption

Hey everyone, this is Amonimus and welcome to... poll. As you can see from the title, we are here to discuss this wiki's leadership. As you could know, mr. User:Goldenblade2, the only stuff here, is gone more than the year. So, as it is not polite, that there is no other high-permissioned than regular users, I made a request to Community Central to give me admin rights, so I can use extended abilities to continue clean-up and add some cool things as chat, twitter plugin, background. So I was editing and creating pages for 11 days in a row. Here the last problem. You see, I thought the ACTIVE user is the ACTIVE user, there only one of them were then, and I talked to him as one CC's rule is to discuss adoption with other users. The REAL acti…

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HPuterpop HPuterpop 5 January 2015

I made a new logo!

Hii, random Markie fan here. Found this wiki and made a new logo for it - styled it after Markiplier's channel art. :3

The artists - 

Left side:

Right side:

So what do you think? If you like it, the admins can use it. ;3

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Trail2006 Trail2006 27 July 2014

My Introduction to this Wikia!

Hello everybody! You may call me Trail.

I made my very first edit on this wikia on July 22/23 of this year. I am here not only because I'm a Markiplier fan, but also because I want to help make this even better. 

On this wikia, I've:

  • Revamped the main page as it was looking dull.
  • Added info to existing pages, including adding a table to 1 article and categories.
  • Fixed the only broken redirect this wikia had at the time I joined.
  • Added info to a some categories.
  • Created the [[Template:Infobox_Series|]] templates.

I plan to continue editing this wikia and doing the best that I can to make this a better place.

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