Bim Trimmer
Gender Male
Occupation Game show host
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Bim Trimmer is one of Markiplier's characters that served as the host of the game show Hire My Ass in which three contestants compete for their dream job by answering seemingly unrelated questions.


In all his appearances so far Bim Trimmer is wearing a black and white two piece suit.


Hire My Ass

Ryan is in the middle of a job interview when he gets teleported to Bim Trimmer's game show, Hire My Ass. The other contestants, Danny Sexbang and Matthias, are presented with a series of easy questions, while Ryan's are shown to be ridiculously hard. At one point, the other two contestants have one thousand points while Ryan still has zero; Bim informs him that he is doing worse than any player before him. Afterwards, Danny jumps into a meat grinder for one of the contests, which produces two hamburgers. Matthias and Ryan have to eat the burgers and whoever finishes first gets the job. Ryan loses and is teleported back to the office, where he is shamed by his interviewer.

Markiplier TV

Bim is apart of the panel of judges discussing Markiplier TV. He explains he doesn't like it because he was supposed to be the host of the game show segment.