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Ben the Exorcist
Game information
Platform(s) PC
Developer(s) WraithStudio
Genre(s) Horror/Comedy
Run May 16, 2017
Episodes 1
Status Complete
YouTube playlist Scary Games!
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Ben the Exorcist is a game played by Markiplier.

Game Information

You are Ben, an unknown exorcist, who has been summoned to the Witherspoon house because of strange goings on that have frightened the family from their home.

Stepping into the unknown to face ghosts and terrifying creatures, armed with faith, holy water and a UV flashlight, your job as Exorcist is to figure out why the spirits are angry, to seek out the hidden secrets that will finally put their souls rest and allow the Witherspoon family to return to their home.

Are you afraid? Of course you are, but you are Ben the Exorcist.


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